Contract Management Software

Minimize the time and cost of implementation in your Contracts administration with our tool.

General Benefits

When we talk about contracts, we think about the requirements we should consider to administer them. That they can be digital, that they can be created from models, that a calendar can be displayed with the tasks related to the contracts and that there are alerts for some events.

It is important to be able to define who are responsible and that there may be collaborative work between the different areas of the organization when new contracts are elaborated.

It is also essential to be able to automate the control of contracts, so that an orderly monitoring of them can be carried out, even considering integrations with applications already existing in the organization.

What does it provide to contract managers?

  • Create new contracts in digital format and incorporate existing contracts.
  • Use contract models, which can be previously registered in the solution.
  • Set alerts for specific events in the contract life cycle.
  • Work in a collaborative environment since all participants interact from the application.
  • Categorize contracts through tags.
  • Track the life cycle and activities with model processes that are customizable and configurable.
  • Graphically display all activities and milestones from the beginning to due date through an automated calendar.

What does it bring to the Contract Manager?

  • Getting complete visibility of all contracts.
  • Having operational and contract management information that allows them to quickly know the situation for subsequent decision-making.
  • Display and combine the calendars of your collaborators and their contracts.
  • Improve contract management, thereby saving time and money.
  • Improve the negotiation cycles of contracts, their renewals, payments, etc.
  • Review and authorize all incorporated contracts and their follow-ups.
  • Analyze the monthly flow of payment and/or collection of your current contracts.
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