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We work with the best, ensuring mutual benefit and, above all, the satisfaction of our customers.

Business Finder

At this level, our partners identify business opportunities and receive unbeatable commissions on completed sales. We will provide you with the necessary resources to start searching for opportunities and make initial contacts with each candidate. We will offer professional support to pursue each opportunity, conducting demonstrations, proof of concept, or other pre-sales actions. Each sale we close together will allow you to earn money immediately.


At this level, our partners are ready to add value to the marketing of our platform's solutions and marketing tools. Their sales and technical teams will have adequate and specific knowledge to conduct demonstrations and proof of concept autonomously, reducing the duration of the sales cycle. In the post-sales stage, their teams will be able to install and implement standard solutions and/or low-code platform solutions, train users, and provide first-level support, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Advanced Reseller

This is the level where every partner wants to reach. The multiple benefits you will obtain with this category will allow you to gain more clients and income for your business. Being a Deyel partner will enable you to transform and expand your business model to be more competitive in your class and become an expert, not only in our business platform but in all our technological solutions.


Deyel is the best option for companies that need to enhance their current solutions or create new ones from scratch. Define with us the best way to incorporate our low-code platform to complement the features offered by your solutions or bring to life the solution you are designing. We offer access to our platform and solutions based on it with a pricing scheme specially designed for OEM licensing. Explore with us the possibilities to adopt our technology and provide better solutions to your customers, also through the incorporation of business processes.


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Sales KIT
Commercial Training 
Technical Trainin
Advanced Technical Training
Account Manager
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Sales Commission
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Bonus on Annual Subscription for Own Use of the Solution

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We work with the best, ensuring mutual benefit and, above all, the satisfaction of our customers.

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