Professional Consulting Services

You can incorporate our experience into your work team and have extensive support to facilitate the administration and use of our products and the incorporation of advanced knowledge.

We can face different types of challenges together:

Proof of Concept (POCs):

The purpose of the Proof of Concept is to be able to confirm and provide assurance that Deyel is the right platform to meet the expressed requirements and provide the expected results. Our professionals will work together with you to define the scope and carry out a POC that allows you to verify the benefits that Deyel offers. Within the agreed deadline, it will be demonstrated how we use the capabilities of the product to meet each challenge and how we quickly obtain the desired solutions.

My first Process

Our team will work with you to define the scope and carry out the initial implementation of a specific process. In close and continuous collaboration, the planned formal and informal training actions will be carried out, which will allow your company staff to operate and manage the implemented product. At the end of this task you will have concrete and tangible results.

End-to-End Processes:

Our consultants will carry out the implementation of processes under the turnkey modality, ranging from their definition to the productive implementation in your organization.

On the job Training:

This type of training can be carried out during the implementation of Pilot Cases or Turnkey Processes. In these implementations, mixed teams will be formed, with members of your organization and Deyel, who will analyze from the training point of view, the specific methodologies and mechanisms with which each practical situation has been resolved.

Consulting in the implementation of Processes with Deyel:

Our professionals will provide consulting on the use and administration of Deyel, being able to contribute in addition to the theoretical knowledge in BPM and low-code platforms, our experience, acquired during previous implementations. We can help you and assist you with different aspects from your projects, such as:

- Generation of zero-code and low-code applications
- Application of concepts and fundamentals of BPM.
- Process Modeling
- Technical assistance in the development of rules and/or reports or other components.
- Adaptations on the Look and Feel of the user portals.
- Use of BAM / BI modules.
- Installation and configuration of the platform

Evolutionary and Corrective Maintenance on Modeled Processes:

This service includes the provision of specialized consulting hours, to allow the processes modeled on the Deyel platform to be modified and/or extended to improve the performance and/or productivity of existing features and/or maintenance facilities, etc. It can also contemplate situations where a component is updated or changed in the system's execution environment (be it different hardware, basic software and/or communication facilities). The adaptation of the system is considered to allow its execution in the new work environment.

Implementación de nuevas versiones (on-premise only):

Unlike Cloud installations, on-premises installations require upgrading versions on demand. We can help you with the implementation of new versions of the product in your installation. In this way, the incorporation of specific adjustments that have been made, and that must be included in the new version, will also be channeled.

Monitoring of the Platform and Execution Environments:

This service contemplates the provision of specialized consulting hours to carry out preventive maintenance of the execution environments in force in your organization (Production, QA, Test, Development). The scope of the service must be specified in detail in the corresponding contract.