Automate your commercial processes so that your work team gets a more complete vision of the client generating new business opportunities.

Beneficios Generales

Many know what a CRM solution is and how it works, but when we focus on what objectives we want to meet with the use of a tool of this type, we must be precise so as not to lose focus. Deyel-CRM focuses on the salesperson being able to process and analyze customer information, make use of the collected data to generate new business opportunities and carry out marketing campaigns to achieve a more effective approach.

Also Deyel-CRM, allows you a complete integration with all the participants of the sales process through collaborative tools such as “chat” and the possibility of being connected from any mobile device.

What does it offer to commercials?

  • Manage all the relevant information of the assigned companies and organizations and their contacts.
  • Increase potential customers, allowing you to manage leads until the opening of a sales opportunity.
  • Manage all your sales opportunities by reducing the sales cycle.
  • Setup a budget and carry it until it is finalized.
  • Work in collaboration with the participants through a social “chat”.
  • Schedule your activities.
  • Automate the calendar for the registration of all assigned activities.

What does it offer to the commercial manager?

  • Get complete customer visibility.
  • Show and combine their salespersons´ calendars.
  • Reduce sales cycles, thereby saving time and money.
  • Improve the productivity of your sales team.
  • Expand your sales capacity by incorporating business partner management.
  • Track the opportunities, budgets and actions of your sales team.
  • Take action on the opportunities and budgets of your management.
  • Build price lists to facilitate the quote stage.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the opportunities and budgets within your work team, restricting the visibility of opportunities and budgets by salesperson or area.
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