Deyel brings together natively the components and functionalities required to automate comprehensive processes that impact the entire company, seamlessly adapting to the business journey, reducing the time of investment return, and enabling greater commitment and better experiences.

Your business on the app stores

Create mobile applications intuitively.

All applications developed in Deyel can be available on a mobile device (smartphones, tablets, and notebooks) as just another app. They are downloaded for free from the app store and can be used whenever you need them on the device you have at that moment.

Administration is no longer a problem

Start creating forms freely.

All the forms used in your organization can be modeled simply by selecting, dragging, dropping, and visualizing. The defined forms can be completed, modified, printed, signed, approved, included in processes, and shared among participants.

Additionally, with just one click, basic behavior and display rules can be added to them.

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Showcase the best face of your business

Your multi-device website just a few clicks away.

With the application modeler, you can create and modify standalone applications, starting from scratch or using predefined templates that allow you to customize both Deyel applications and business web applications.

Accessible from web browsers via a URL, each application created with this modeler has a version that can be installed and run on mobile or laptop devices.

Ensure the integrity and reliability of your information

We can all write rules and define the behavior of our forms.

With Deyel's Rules Assistant, you can create simple rules for the fields of your forms - validations, mandatory fields, editability, and visibility, even if you have no coding knowledge. If you need greater complexity, you have the tools to define advanced rules.

Learn how to define rules.

Too easy!

Design your processes

You bring the experience, the Process Modeler brings the tools.

Nobody knows business processes better than those who use them, and being able to design them freely, automate them to the fullest, and integrate them with the rest of the business as well as its stakeholders, is the key to digital innovation and the success of the business itself.

Our modeler is an agile tool for everyone who uses it, not just for IT experts. Generating a collaborative work environment among business users, process experts, and IT technicians.

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The key: teamwork

Take advantage of new technology, simplify your tasks, and stay up to date by gaining productivity.

Our activities are simplified from the Deyel portal, where each one receives their tasks ordered by various criteria and can be viewed in the form of a list, calendar, or both, facilitating their completion and feedback.

The calendar view gives the user the simplicity and peace of mind of seeing the whole picture and not just the short term. This is achieved through the strong integration between business processes, their activities, and the interactions among participants with the personal calendar.

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From wherever you are and with your favorite device

Make faster decisions at the right time.

All applications developed in Deyel can be available on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and other devices as just another app. They are downloaded from the app store for free, and you can use them wherever you need them with the device you have at that moment.

We love integrating with your applications. Let us take care of this for you

Deyel makes it easy for your application to play in the big leagues.

Integration rules, along with predefined adapters or ones you can create, allow applications developed in Deyel to interact directly with your corporate systems, web services, robots, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and your favorite apps.

For authentication, Deyel has an embedded security system that can be integrated with LDAP, allowing user management to be integrated.

Visualize and control every detail of your business

Deyel dashboards are the best way to display what's important in one place.

Deyel provides you from its portal all the information and tools necessary to define dashboards that contain business indicators based on multiple types of charts, without the need for coding. Forget about business intelligence tools!

Management indicators, based on the analysis of application execution, are defined very easily through Deyel's Widgets Modeler, and with them, you can design your dashboards in the Dashboard Modeler, with high visual impact, favoring the interpretation of the evolution of your business.

Improve communication and share information with your entire team

Collaboration is the key to increasing productivity.

Deyel has collaboration tools where users interact through messages, share information, status, comments, and documentation related to your business applications and each particular case.

Deyel's enterprise social messaging, conducted through private or group chats, allows, unlike others, all communication between sender and receiver to be associated with the case as part of its own execution and resolution, becoming as fundamental a piece as the process information itself.

Define who you interact with

Who, when, and how they access your application's data.

Participants in a process are much more than just users; they are the ones who bring the business to life, and their performance partly determines its success.

Participants in Deyel don't necessarily have to be humans. Many tasks are automated through IoT technology, and others are executed transparently and efficiently by bots, driving new digital experiences across a wide range of use cases.

Deyel allows you to observe, for each participant, what tasks they are performing, which ones they have yet to do, and also how they are performed, including their characteristics, behavior, performance, and level of participation in company tasks.